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Shatter Bars and Edibles Windsor

If you’re like us, you love the benefits of cannabis. For some people, smoking or vaping is just not an option—whether it’s health related or a personal preference, there are other options! Many folks may love the calming effects of a euphoric trip, but not everyone likes to smoke.

Euphoria Extractions is here for you with our line of Shatter Bars. If you’re a chocolate lover who also enjoys recreational cannabis, our line of high-quality edibles should be your number one choice! Shatter Bars grant you the ultimate cannabis experience, while being incredibly delicious to boot!

What’s a Shatter Bar?

Shatter Bars are our fast-growing line of cannabis-infused chocolate bars. They’re lovingly and skillfully crafted to be the number one solution for any craving, and will always help you reach the buzz you’re looking for. Our Shatter Bars are divided up into 24 breakable squares, making effective dose management easy no matter where you are. Shatter Bars come in a wide range of awesome flavors and dosage strengths.

At Euphoria Extractions, we love that all of our customers are different. Everyone has preferred dosages and tastes, and a discerning cannabis user knows what they want from both weed and chocolate. You should never have to sacrifice flavor for dosage, or vice versa, and your experience should be healthy, safe, and effective.

Treat Yourself To Something Different

The Euphoria edibles collection is an experience that every person of legal age should indulge in. Try out our Euphoria edibles and discover a wide variety of dosages, flavors, and cannabis formats. Our skillfully-crafted bars come in dark chocolate and milk chocolate. We also make gummies, and many of our products are vegan and sugar-free. Shatter Bars are the way to go—but they’re not the only way to reach euphoria!

Shatter Bars

Our sativa and indica Shatter bar varieties come in Milk Chocolate, Cookies & Green, Toffee Crunch, and more—with 250mg, 500mg, and 1200mg strengths (though the 1200mg is Milk Chocolate only).

If you’re looking for a bar that offers responsible portions, and is a vegan alternative, our vegan Shatter Bars come in Dark Chocolate and Mint Dark Chocolate, at 250mg and 500mg strengths.

All of our full-spectrum extracts are lab-tested and locally sourced from Canadian craft cannabis growers. We get to know our farmers, and we always make sure that our consumers receive the highest quality products possible. Every Euphoria Extractions confectionery ingredient has been rigorously taste-tested, every flavor chosen by discerning palates. All of our products are crafted to provide memorable, pleasing, euphoric experiences.

Edibles and Dosages

The Edible Difference

While our cannabis edibles are typically safe for anyone of age to recreationally use, you should still know your limits. Shatter Bars are crafted using premium quality ingredients. All of our products are locally sourced throughout the Windsor area and our cannabis is bought from local growers with decades of experience in Ontario! When consuming a Shatter Bar (or any edible), give yourself a few minutes for it to kick in. Your body needs time to digest and absorb the cannabis into your bloodstream.

Knowing Your Dosage

Understanding proper dosing and how it affects your body is important. Each and every person is different—you’ll want to know the perfect amount of edibles to eat, and how to reach your preferred buzz without going above or below your limits. If you’re new to the world of cannabis, take some time and use our handy dosage guide to figure out what works for you!

Re-imagining Edibles

Discerning consumers seeking out their next great experience are always on the hunt for the right blend of cannabis and confection. Euphoria Extractions has spent years testing strains, perfecting our extraction methods, and refining our ingredients. We think we’ve reached peak nirvana with our Shatter Bars and other edibles—all of our products are specially tuned for flavor, enjoyability, and maximum effect.

Our process has been refined over a number of years through exhaustive testing and communication. We are always looking to enhance the natural effects of cannabis and let them shine through our high-quality edibles. We’ve streamlined a perfect process, and with every step focused on ensuring quality, transparency, and safety. With any Euphoria Extractions edible you can be sure that you are reaching the same blissful experience, every time.

Whether you’re buying chocolates, cookies, brownies, chews, candies, or Shatter Bars, rest assured that the euphoria you will find is unparalleled and exquisite.

Where Can I Buy Shatter Bars In Windsor?

We offer our Shatter Bars in several locations throughout Windsor, Ontario, as well as online via dispensaries! Our Where To Buy Guide shows you the nearest dispensary, so that you can easily stock up on Shatter Bars and find all your favorite flavors of Euphoria Extractions edibles.

We also have a useful Edibles Dosage Guide that helps any discerning consumer find their path to nirvana—even if you’ve never encountered cannabis before! Learn about tolerance level, how to manage pain, and resolve any questions you have about digesting versus inhaling cannabis. You can also learn more about our extractions, and our unique process that makes our edibles like no other.

Shatter Bars Windsor

We’re delighted to say that our extensive collection of mouth-watering, high-quality edibles are available throughout Ontario. We have a product line that continues to grow year by year, which includes the best Shatter Bars in all of Windsor and the surrounding areas. Every single bar we make is skillfully crafted, and the cannabis we source is locally grown and specially selected from farmers with several decades of experience.

Anyone of age is free to enjoy the artistic euphoria, incredible emotions and restorative healing that our cannabis products provide. Our Windsor Shatter Bars allow our customers to enjoy transformative experiences that are safe, healthy, and fun!

Check out our product list today, and see all the edibles that Euphoria Extractions offer!