Shatter Bars North York

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, or just enjoy a nice, relaxing high, without smoking or vaping? If those delivery methods aren’t your jam, cannabis edibles are the perfect alternative.

For chocolate lovers, in particular, Shatter Bars are a great cannabis edible that taste delicious, are easy to dose, and deliver great results every time.

If you’re new to cannabis edibles or have never tried Shatter Bars before, keep reading. Explained below is everything you need to know about these incredible edibles.


What Are Shatter Bars?

Shatter Bars are cannabis-infused chocolate bars. They’re expertly designed to provide a solution to all your edible needs, whether you’re looking for pain relief, better sleep, or just a nice, relaxing afternoon or evening.

Each of our Shatter Bars features 24 squares of tasty, perfectly dosed, easy to manage chocolate. They’re available in a variety of flavours and strengths, which makes it easy for you to find a bar that tastes great and helps you achieve an optimal high.

At Euphoria Extractions, we don’t want you to compromise on your favourite type of chocolate just because you’re consuming an edible. That’s why we offer Shatter Bars in many different flavour and strength combinations, including the following:

Sativa Bars

Made with premium Belgian chocolate, our sativa bars are the perfect choice when you want to enjoy a nice head high that helps you feel euphoric and creative. Our sativa bars are available in the following flavours and strengths:


  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies & Green
  • Toffee Crunch
  • Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)


  • 250 mg
  • 500 mg
  • 1200 mg (only available in milk chocolate)

Indica Bars

For days when you want to chill out and relax on the couch, or for evenings when you have a hard time falling asleep, our indica Shatter Bars will get the job done. These bars are available in the following flavours and strengths:


  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies & Green
  • Toffee Crunch


  • 250 mg
  • 500 mg
  • 1200 mg (only available in milk chocolate)

Vegan Bars

We also offer vegan shatter bars for those who prefer not to consume animal products.

We currently sell vegan dark chocolate Shatter Bars in 250 mg and 500 mg strengths. We’re also offering vegan mint dark chocolate Shatter Bars in 250 mg and 500 mg strengths for a limited time.

Are Shatter Bars Safe?

Shatter Bars (and other types of cannabis edibles, for that matter) are generally safe for those of age to consume.

Because we make our cannabis confections with the highest quality ingredients, including locally grown cannabis from farmers we know and trust, we feel confident in saying that we offer some of the safest and most effective edibles in the North York area.

Proper Dosing

Shatter Bars and other types of cannabis edibles are safe for most people to consume. However, it’s important to understand proper dosing if you want to have an enjoyable, effective cannabis experience.

For proper edible portioning, we generally recommend sticking to the following dosing guidelines:

  • Beginners: 0-2.5 mg
    • This is a safe entry-level dosage that can help you to determine if cannabis is right for you. A 0-2.5 mg serving can provide mild pain, stress, and anxiety relief while also improving focus and creativity.
  • Casual Consumers: 2.5-15 mg
    • This dosage may cause mild impairments to coordination and perception. It can also provide mild pain relief.
  • Regular Consumers: 15-30 MG
    • This dosage will produce a strong sense of euphoria. It may also cause coordination impairments and alter your perception.
  • Experienced Consumers: 30-50 MG
    • This dosage produces a very strong sense of euphoria and is likely to cause coordination impairments and perception alterations.
  • Pain Management: 50-100 MG
    • We recommend this dose for those who are struggling with higher levels of pain. It is highly likely to cause perception impairments, and it can produce more extreme side effects, such as increased heart rate and nausea.

To figure out the amount of cannabis in one square of a Shatter Bar, divide the total strength of the bar by 24 (the number of squares). For example, if you have a 500 mg bar, each square would contain a little over 20 mg.

How Long Does it Take for Shatter Bars to Kick in?

When you consume an edible, the cannabis has to work its way through the digestive system before being absorbed. When you smoke or vape, on the other hand, it hits your bloodstream almost instantly.

Some people make the mistake of assuming edibles aren’t working because it takes longer to feel their effects. As a result, they eat more chocolate than they need and end up experiencing a more intense high than they planned or wanted.

To avoid this problem, give your body ample time to digest and absorb the cannabis after eating an edible. In this case, “ample” means at least 30-60 minutes.

Be patient and give the edible time to do its job. This is particularly important if you’re new to cannabis edibles or if it’s been a long time since you last consumed any.

Where to Buy Shatter Bars in North York?

You can buy Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars in many locations throughout North York. Some of the most popular places to buy these bars include Lotus Toronto and Uber Weed (for convenient cannabis delivery).

We also provide a useful Where to Buy guide on our website that makes it easy for you to find Shatter Bars near you.


Try Shatter Bars Today

Euphoria Extractions is proud to offer delicious, high-quality cannabis-infused confections in North York and beyond.

Our products, including the best Shatter Bars North York has to offer, are all skillfully crafted and made with quality, locally grown cannabis. Once you give them a try, you’ll never want to go back to other types of cannabis-infused chocolate.

Our team aims to provide everyone who is of age with the freedom to experience spiritual exploration and self-healing. We do this by creating and selling products that allow our customers to enjoy these experiences safely and transparently.

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